How to Pre-order the TECNO L6 Plus

How to Pre-order the TECNO L6 Plus

Tecno L9 Plus, the latest addition of the Tecno L-series, comes with improved specs compared to its predecessor, the L8 Plus. Announced in March 2017, the Tecno L9 Plus has a high battery capacity, a larger display and an updated software.

The Tecno L9 Plus will officially hit the Zimbabwean market end of May, but many TECNO customers have been wondering if TECNO will be having the new “flagship” out early like it has done with previous high-profile releases. Today we got a bit more info on that matter.

Appliance Expert, TECNO’s authorised distributors, today told Techunzipped in an exclusive interview that the Tecno L9 Plus is now ready for pre-orders. The distributor is planning to start selling this new release end of May.

Appliance Expert has a history of delivering new flagship smartphones within days and sometimes weeks before their official release date.

This paper has managed to get hold of the new phone for a review to be published next week but here are some specs to look forward to.

First Impression: With its bright champagne gold colour and contrasting wide dark screen, the Tecno L9 Plus is sleek.  I find the inclusion of a USB OTG cable particularly impressive too. Expect a detailed review of this phone soon.

However, we expect much more from our smartphones so we will get close and personal with the new Tecno L9 Plus.

As we review our discoveries, we will let you decide if this latest addition of the Tecno L series meets your expectations and if Tecno actually raised the bar with this one.

The Tecno L9 Plus has a speculated price of +- $150.