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NetOne Launches OneMusic A Caller Tunes/Listening Service

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NetOne Launches OneMusic A Caller Tunes/Listening Service

NetOne has introduced other value added service for EasyCall subscribers that will enable them to listen to music on the go and even substitute the normal ringing tone that callers hear when they phone them. The new service is called One Music, EasyCall subscribers will now be able to purchase a single musical ring tone or several, from different artists. In short OneMusic is a product that permits a person to set a defined ringtone of their choice in order to replace the normal mobile operator ring tone. Callers will then hear the hello tune while waiting for the phone to be answered.

NetOne is not the first to offers this kind of services as other Mobile Networks have like Econet and Telecel have similar services. To subscribe to this service, EasyCall subscribers simply have to dial 335 and listen to their favorite song.

What we are not sure of is if OneMusic is a monthly or per listen subscription.

As of this writing Local music like Zim-Dancehall has exceeded our anticipations and is increasingly proving more popular than genres. What we would like to now from other Econet and Telecel is which genres and artists have been listened to the most?

Techunzipped spoke to music producers and artist during the just ended Agricultural Show and most were happy about with these services  but Caller Tunes/Listening Service added little differences to their pockets.

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