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Zimbabwe’s Own Uber Like Taxi Service Hwindi

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Zimbabwe’s Own Uber Like Taxi Service Hwindi

Getting a ride in South Africa or Zimbabwe feels a lot like writing an exam. You’ve got pick your battles carefully think through how long you’re eager to wait, how much you’re willing to pay and how willing you are to investigate with the unknown.

A new South Africa-Zimbabwe area startup hopes to be a new on-demand ride service that will offer rides cheaper services. Hwindi functions much like Uber. The idea is the brainchild of Tendayi Mawoko, who has had experience feeling uncomfortable in cabs.


Hwindi is a taxi, ridesharing and tow truck smartphone (Android and Apple) application that matches passengers (users) and drivers (providers) using an efficient algorithm that optimizes availability, cost and distance. The app is available for use in Zimbabwe and South Africa on-demand, for dispatch of tow trucks and passenger vehicles (taxis).

According to Tendayi Mawoko, business development manager at Hwindi, “Our extensive network of taxis and tow trucks, coupled with our market-leading software ensures that a ride or tow truck is literally just a click away! As the first on-demand ridesharing app in Zimbabwe, we pride ourselves in the accuracy and quality of our service and our team’s dedication to uncompromised quality.”

The company says that it is focusing on safety and will have background checks run on all its drivers. All prospective drivers must also provide a police report. By contrast, Uber has been sued multiple times by women passengers who said they were sexually assaulted by their drivers.

Hwindi says it now has over 2568 Passengers and 147 Drivers.

When we asked Tendayi how they were going to compite with the likes of uber, Tendai said “Our target are already registered taxi / cab companies and shuttle companies who have already been sidelined and taken out of business by uber, we are in the same business but not promoting private cars. Additionally hwindi also provides ridesharing services for both long and short distances”

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