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Lenovo Idea-Pad 100s An Ideal laptop For The College Student


Lenovo Idea-Pad 100s An Ideal laptop For The College Student

For many people starting university this month, one of the major necessities a student should own in this modern age is a functioning PC. They are many options to choose from but the main concern that many Zimbabweans face is the price. Most high end computers out the usually cost more than $300,this price amount usually leaves many students looking for second hand PCs that cost less.I for one wouldn’t recommend anyone to seek a second hand notebook pc because they are usually outdated and cumbersome to use. So what is the best brand new computer that you can buy under $300?

Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-11 is a low-price laptop that’s built for those who need to accomplish basic work on the go. For the low amount of $150 (On you will have a fully functioning Windows 10 computer.However the hardware is a different matter, but then it should be for the price you’re.

Whether a laptop like this is worth your time is an interesting question. Cheap Windows 10 tablets are plentiful (linx 7),many of which also offer a keyboard attachment. So the Idea pad 100S has some competition.

The lenovo Idea Pad 100S-11 comes in four different colors Red, Blue, White and Sliver. The Design is very slick and nice to look at it has an all plastic body that not only looks pleasing to the eyes, but also not cheap like the other cheap products made from plastic, It also comes with two 2.0 usb connector a HDMI connection port, a Micro SD slot (essential) and an audio jack which basically makes it a normal Computer worth $150. Despite the unbelievable price it still has some major issues.

While most Windows PCs come with hard drives or SSDs that have hundreds of gigabytes of capacity storage,low cost laptops such as the IdeaPad 100S come with, 32 of eMMC storage memory. The IdeaPad 100S comes with 32GB; 17GB of that is free, with the rest taken up by Windows 10. You can expand the storage by purchasing an inexpensive microSD card, which gives you another 64GB for just $20, or you can use some of the 1TB of cloud storage that comes with the included Office 365 subscription.

Aside from its storage space the Lenovo is equipped with a Intel® Atom™ quad core processor that runs at 1.33Ghz which works perfectly for browsing assignments and fast enough rendering, beautiful images and simple tasks are quick and very responsive to work.Even though it’s processor is good don’t expect it to run high performance games such Call of duty or FIFA 17.However it can run older Fifa games perfectly.

This machine has a pretty impressive screen size that is 11.6 inches wide with a pixel density of 135PPI this means it can display media in 720p which is the default HD quality that most device.Be that as it may remember that this Computer is for work related tasks and not a media entertainment device so don’t expect it to do unreasonable things it just a simple low end technology.

One of the best thing about the Lenovo IdeaPad is its astonishing battery life. The Lenovo can last up to 7-8 hours long without charging meaning you can forget the charger at home/dorms room and still use it till the end of the day which is pretty impressive.


Spending less than $150 on this laptop is a surprisingly viable option right now, especially for those students who will mainly use it Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and Office 360 to get their assignments done without stressing your pocket.This laptop with an Intel Atom processor, low-res screen and paltry 32GB of storage may very well be all you need. I give this device a 5.9/10

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