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The Mircosoft Universal Mobile Keyboard


The Mircosoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Let’s face it using a touch screen interface to write down word document is a very cumbersome Task,you face many challenges such as pressing the wrong key or having difficulty with the touch system.And when your out and about and need to write a small essay/letter you don’t want to reach down to your bag and boot your laptop(its gets really annoying at time)

We live in a digital world were everything is synced with everything and we need the right tool in order to preform task as efficient as well as comfortable and the Microsoft universal Mobile keyboard does that perfectly

The Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard is compact wireless keyboard that you can use with all devices from Windows to Android and even Apple products with no problems

The Design

When closed, the Universal Mobile Keyboard is 9.5 by 4.3 x 0.5 inches (24 x 10 x 11 cm) and 12.9 ounces (365 g). This makes it large enough to have room for a comfortable keyboard and a sturdy stand, while remaining quite portable. It’s not pocketable though, but it rides easily in a briefcase, gadget bag, or large purse.

Tablet Stand

Two ridges on the top portion support the user’s mobile computer of choice. They are spaced to be able to hold devices of a range of thicknesses, as long as the computer is 0.4 inches (10 mm) or less — Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 is too thick, for example. But this is an exception, as we successfully tested the Universal Mobile Keyboard with a great many other models, from average-size phones all the way up the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro.

Battery Life

This product runs of a built-in 300 mAH battery which Microsoft says is good for 6 months of use before needing a recharge. Bluetooth keyboards use very little power, so this is a reasonable estimate. Microsoft also promises that just 10 minutes of charging is enough to keep the device running a full workday.


It’s a very solid piece of hardware, it shows how strong Microsoft hardware market is.The design is very impressive as it looks really good on iPad device and other 10 inch devices
The price is the only problem that I’ve got with it as it goes for $79.99 on amazon but hope it goes down later on. I will the Microsoft mobile Keyboard a 7.5/10

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