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Mother Touch Group of Schools Enabling Students Via Elearning

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Mother Touch Group of Schools Enabling Students Via Elearning

The fact that Zimbawe’s current educational infrastructure cannot meet the current and future needs of the country is well known.Since elearning arrived on the scene in Zimbabwe from around 2011. It has transformed the way we teach students and continues to grow at extraordinary rates. According to the latest market study released by Technavio, the market size of the global corporate elearning market is predicted to reach close to USD 31 billion in revenue by the end of 2020.

Mother Touch Founder and CEO Mrs Salome Mutsinze

There are many believers, who see the future as a technology-driven classroom, but there are many who do not see how technology makes a real difference in learning and education. Mother Touch Group of schools has been the one of the early adapters of elearning in Zimbabwe. In many scenarios, technology has been forced upon or handed to teachers and students without much focus on how it supports pedagogy, the teaching and learning processes.

Today, eLearning has become synonymous with online learning, as most eLearning is now delivered over online learning platforms.Speaking on the side lines Mother Touch CEO, Mrs Salome Mutsinze, had a chance to speak to Techunzipped at the just ended SME International Expo . Mrs Salome Mutsinze highlighted how they have a manageable teacher pupil ratio to enable catering for individual difference.

In 2013 Mother Touch, started elearning and they faced a lot of resistance due to lack of IT knowledge, expertise and appreciation she said.

“A lot of it, the government they give us guidance support in formalizing the school, include us in all ministry events like workshops and trainings, gracing our events officially opening, acknowledging our successes, excellent standards through awards” Mrs Mutsinze added.

Broadly, eLearning involves the use of digital media and technology to deliver learning experiences. A learning experience attempts to simulate the real-word classroom learning process.

The promise of eLearning has been to empower learning at one’s own pace and time and address the basic but most vital challenge of access to learning and improving the efficiency in delivering the learning.

The appeal of elearning is that if done well, it is a win-win for both employer and employees. But getting it right begins with careful and deliberate planning, and setting clear goals.

One of the key challenges that eLearning currently faces is maintaining learner engagement with the content and the platform on a sustained basis. In old-style classrooms this is achieved by the physical constraints, the teacher and social behavior.

Organisational change is not going to happen overnight, but a step by step approach that incorporates some of the ideas outlined above may help to trigger and inspire a ‘big vision’ innovation appropriate for your organisation’s unique aspirations or workplace learning vision.

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