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Breaking News: NetOne Reintroduces Dollar a Day

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Breaking News: NetOne Reintroduces Dollar a Day

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile network operator this week is on a streak in terms of giving customers the best in terms of value. NetOne last year was instructed by the mobile regular POTRAZ to kill the popular Dollar a Day (DAD) promotion which was the cornerstone and the brand behind NetOne’s easy call and voice offering before One Fusion.

Dollar a Day promotion will go back to be offered as a bundle under its existing line-up of Value Added Services. NetOne this week increase WhatsApp, Facebook and introduced YouTube, Netflix and skype bundles.

Dollar a Day has been tweaked a number of times and this time around one has to simply convert his/hers normal dollar airtime via USSD code and you receive even more value. By dialling the *171# USSD prompt and choose the specific bundle, which is available from 50c, $1, $2, $5 and $10.

One area not to forget is the time and amount of days it takes you before the benefits expire, the $1 DAD goes over a day and if you like the $2 top up $2 should take you going onwards, that means more benefits in case you still had credit in your pocket.

The Dollar a Day was introduced in July 2012, this makes it almost 5 years. The rebirth of DAD has contributed to the growth of NetOne.

Choosing the right mobile network plan is one of the most important and daunting choices you’ll make as a mobile phone user, especially when you’re picking one based on your budget.

While every person is different, for the sake of this article’s calculations, we’ll settle on One Fusion $5. Packages change all the time and one has to be flexible to move from one package to the next best.

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