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#ComicFriday :More Fun , More Drama with Drama Mama


#ComicFriday :More Fun , More Drama with Drama Mama

It is a slice of life! Drama MAMA focuses on five Zimbabwean girls from different backgrounds. They have just come out of high school. Alberta , Ruvheneko and Rudo are in their first year of university, whereas, the other two girls form part of the formal sector. A beautiful friendship brews and they have hopes and dreams they wish to fulfil. However, their subjective reality often clashes with their objective reality. Their friendship shall be tested to the maximum and the tale twisters and cliff hangers are bound to leave an impact on the reader


Main parts of the comic are situated in a place called Brooks close. There is an air of solidarity and peace. The people are friendly and the girls are well known.


Ruvheneko- “leader” – smart and sophisticated, studying journalism

Rudo- “miss perfect”- caring and supportive, the problem solver

Varaidzo- “, tomboy” – techno savvy, sarcastic

Rosey-” introvert”- stammerer, shy

Alberta- “snowy” – albino, poet, studying literature

About writer

Amanda Chaniwa is a 24 year old Sociology student at Women’s university in Africa. She joined Enigmacomix in 2016. She co-writes Drama mama with Bill Masuku. She is also the writer of a light novel called a culture of our own. As a young female writer in a male dominated industry, she aims to bring a more feminine touch to comics like never before.

Pardon has been a technology enthusiast his entire life and has spent the better part of last decades in information technology and security, and he writes with an aim to remove some of the "mysticism" from the cyber world. He’s the Editor at Techunzipped. Away from the keyboard, you're likely to find him playing with the latest gadgets or the latest Game.

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