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Social Media Political Activists #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire Back And Arrested

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Social Media Political Activists #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire Back And Arrested

Self-exiled #ThisFlag Pastor and political activist Evan Mawarire yesterday come back home to Zimbabwe. Evan had run away to live in the USA. Since his exile #ThisFlag has been dyeing a slow death. When the Pastor arrived at the Harare International Airport he was arrested.

Mr Mawarire had been charged with Subverting Constitutional Government as defined in section 22(2)(a) Of the Criminal Law (Codification And Reformation,) Act Chapter 9:23 , the same charges he was charged in 2016. Mawarire was later dismissed and upon release he went into self-exile.

In 2016, Mawarire’s #ThisFlag campaign drew a lot of followers and created commitment in political issues. The public support he received during his marathon trial last week on 14 July 2016 proved that #ThisFlag was a force and not just a sinister social media crowd as the government has decided to portray it.

#ThisFlag followers had trebled from tens of thousands to over hundreds of thousands in a space of two months since the first #ThisFlag video went viral. The prospects and interest from the Zimbabwe people was growing as the movement become a reality. Some have even suggested that it must become a political movement.

#ThisFlag last year 5 days after 36th year anniversary of Zimbabwe’s independence from British colonial rule.  It became noteworthy because it remains the only tangible symbol to identify with the Zimbabweans after our currency died a natural death seven years ago.

The movement become a reminder to the born frees of Zimbabweans. Whilst the economy continues to bleed, and not showing any signs of recovery, #ThisFlag has ignited that dream.

#ThisFlag was saying, “The citizens of Zimbabweans, let us all unite and save our country from becoming a failed state. We can no longer allow political parties or outsiders to decide our destiny whilst we remain voiceless.”

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