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This Bulawayo Start-Up Will Deliver LP Gas To Your Door Step

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This Bulawayo Start-Up Will Deliver LP Gas To Your Door Step

Need energy? These guys will not just fill your meter right up, but throw in free delivery right at your doorstep as the cherry on top.

Perhaps one of the most interesting exhibitors at this year’s Techfest, NeedEnergy, a Bulawayo based energy utility startup founded by Leroy Nyangani, is tapping into the potential of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a tried and tested, but altogether still very practical and eco-friendly energy solution for your home.

By Farai Aubrey Kwesha

“ZESA tariffs are quite high, especially after the introduction of the smart metre system, so we at need energy wanted to tap into renewable energy sources like solar and natural gas which are already in abundance,” said Prince Maphosa, the company  Chief Technology Officer.

The service, which is available via the need energy mobile application has already begun rolling out to select residential areas in Bulawayo such as Matshemhlophe and Suburbs.

Users can sign up for the service, place an order via the app specifying how much gas they require, have it delivered to their doorstep, upon which the app generates a QR code which will be scanned to confirm the delivery. The app is already integrated with the various payment methods already available on the market including but not limited to EcoCash and also offering consumers the flexibility to choose to pay on-delivery.

During their exhibit, the team also spoke to the dynamic nature of their energy solutions beyond their current rudimentary uses in the household. “LPG can be used to heat up water in geysers, actually some LPG gas powered geysers are and other natural heating processes within the household,” Maphosa added .

He added that exploiting the full potential of such renewable resources would go a long way in alleviating the SADC region\s current energy deficit, although the startup\s aspirations for the time being are homebound. That being said, this is definitely one startup to keep an out for in the near future. Techfest is currently running in Bulawayo until the 4th of March and Techunzipped will provide you daily updates on all the latest tech and developments from the event.

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