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Text Status Updates Are Returning On WhatsApp

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Text Status Updates Are Returning On WhatsApp

Last month, WhatsApp evolved its app into a Snapchat “clone” by revamping the entire concept of statuses. Sometimes boring status updates like “Hey there, I’m on WhatsApp” or “Busy” or “Do not disturb” just work. No need to change the old ways just for the love of it. WhatsApp has learnt that if it’s not broken don’t fix it works.

For what it’s worth, it’s interesting that the text-only status is enabled by default in the beta, suggesting Facebook has heard grievances from users loud and clear. Now, with WhatsApp’s newest beta, the company is testing just that. In the latest Android beta version 2.17.95, users are now seeing the revival of the old status message feature.

While the Status tab is still there and unremovable (ugh), the systematic old text-based statuses are back and has been seen in the latest beta. Just like the old WhatsApp, you can find your own status and edit it under your profile settings at the bottom in the About and phone number section. And you can see the statuses of other users in their profile page in the same place.

WhatsApp began work on the original text-only status in February 2009. “The original idea behind the project was to build an application that lets your friends and other contacts know what you’re up to,” said the firm.

To enjoy these simpler times, grab the latest WhatsApp beta 2.17.95 from APK Mirror or by joining the Play Store official beta channel here.

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