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Hacker Nails Unsecure Lobels Biscuits Website


Hacker Nails Unsecure Lobels Biscuits Website

In last three years, hackers were able to access over 30 government websites hosted on shared hosting servers, and started defacing them.

Today Lobels Biscuit website has been defaced by a hacker called Black Joker. The hacker has completely defaced the whole site.

The server in question has the IP address, which hosts a number of domains. And some of them have been hacked like a subdomain called nssa.devsite which has also been hacked.

In Zimbabwe cyber-security is getting little attention in mainstream conversations. Media reports are vital to remain proactive in determining the risk to security protocols in place. Forecast is part of evaluating risk.

Companies will need to move away from reactive, defensive methods to cybersecurity and toward more actively managing risk.

In 2016, the number of hacked websites rose by 32%, according to a recent blog post from Google. The search giant said it believes that number will continue to rise as hackers become more sophisticated.

While 84% of web admins who “apply for reconsideration” were able to clean up their sites, the post said, 61% were never alerted by Google that they had been hacked. In Zimbabwe most hacked sites have not been able to clean up their sites and most government websites not been able to clean up their sites and have resorted to changing their domain names. The main reason for this disconnect for more than half of hacked web admins is that their sites weren’t verified in Google’s Search Console, which the company uses to communicate information about websites.

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