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Zarnet Opens Whole Can Of Worms

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Zarnet Opens Whole Can Of Worms

Government owned entity Zarnet, which took over Telecel last year after purchasing a 60% equity stake in the mobile network operator, has opened a can of worms, with corporate governance failures and misuse of funds, document seen by the Techunzipped reveal.

The one of the document indicates that Zarnet had misused the bonus of its works, irregularities were uncovered relating to salaries and allowances.

The little-known government internet Service provider last year began downsizing its work force. The firm has a staff complement of 25. The firings started in October, when the HR, finance and network operations managers where placed on forced leave. In December they fired around eight workers, and January three workers were served with three months notices. To date the ISP has fired half of its workforce.

According to a source close to the developments, Zarnet paid workers half bonus in 2013 and in 2014 were not paid. The source revealed that Zarnet did on pay PAYE for its workers for a number of years. As we speak Zarnet has not paid its ex-employee pension and benefits as it does not have money to do so.

Zarnet was established in 1997 to provide internet services to the academic and research institutions. On its website, the company advertises the presidential e-learning programme, government digital villages and community information centres as some of its major projects. And this year they will start a project to connect 1300 school to the internet.

Efforts to get a comment from the acting CEO Mr Evans Vete were fruitless as he has been busy. According to news Techunzipped received Mr Evans Vete has been downgraded to technical director, since the company has been doing interview for general manager.

Zarnet is one of the few organisations that have been awarded an A class IAP license which allows them to get internet connection services at a commercial price rate.

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