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Learn Digital Skills For Free With Google’s Digital Skills Training

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Learn Digital Skills For Free With Google’s Digital Skills Training

Google plans to empower over fifty thousand youths in Zimbabwe with Digital Skills, Google, has disclosed that it has trained one million Africans in digital skills in eleven months.

Zimbabweans are becoming aware of just how important technology is and they are eager to take advantage of the internet and the prospects it provides but the frameworks that provide digital skills training.

Google Digital Skills Training started in February 2017. It may sound like a low-value offer from Google or a campaign for pushing their products into the newly emerging African markets. Primarily Google is not pushing its products in Africa using the Digital Skills Training but they are promoting the use of the internet for the benefit of African young people.

Students are able to choose between face-to-face training sessions or online with a personalised learning plan and courses available in English and French.

By training over fifty thousand young Zimbabweans with digital skills in the next year, Google is hoping to grow the continent’s digital economy and change the nature of its media and advertising industries.

The company also plans to address the digital needs of small business owners, who are looking to better understand how to take advantage of the web across Africa. The Digital Skills programme offers 89 courses through the online portal, and Google works with 14 training partners covering more than 20 countries to offer face to face training.

On the 20 of May, Google will be holding its 31 training session in Zimbabwe at Batanai Gardens in Harare .To be part of the training program you can register here or here.

Some of the courses include:

Marketing successfully in the Digital World

How to be digitally visible as a professional or business

How to drive traffic to your website blog

The anatomy of goal getting websites

According to research small businesses with websites are more profitable than those that don’t and small businesses that have a digital presence employ more people.

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