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How Secure Is Your Data?


How Secure Is Your Data?

Your Data is important not the size of the Company. Even a small scale cyber-attack is enough to put you out of business.

Often at times, we take a reactive approach towards a disaster. Waiting for an unfortunate situation to take place and trying to recover after the damage has already been done. In today’s world this is a detriment to your organization, keep reading and find out why an automated, offsite backup is ideal to protect your files.

There are many forms of data backups you can put in place. The most common ones being:

  • External hard drives
  • Flash sticks
  • Automated offsite back up solution.

Of the above, the first two have the risk of getting corrupt, stolen or destroyed In which case they forfeit their purpose and put your data at risk. Given this light, the most preferred form of backing up your data would be an automated online and offsite solution.

An automated offsite solution entails:

Bulk restore

A way to restore data from a portable storage device when a full restore over the Internet might take too long.

Centralized management console

Allows for an IT department or staff member to monitor backups for the user.

File retention policies

Many businesses require a flexible file retention policy that can be applied to an unlimited number of groups of files called “sets”.

Fully managed services

Some services offer a higher level of support to businesses that might request immediate help, proactive monitoring, personal visits from their service provider, or telephone support.


Multiple copies of data backed up at different locations. This can be achieved by having two or more mirrored data centers, or by keeping a local copy of the latest version of backed up data on site with the business.

Regulatory compliance

Some businesses are required to comply with government regulations that govern privacy, disclosure, and legal discovery. A service provider that offers this type of service assists customers with proper compliance with and understanding of these laws.

Seed loading

Ability to send a first backup on a portable storage device rather than over the Internet when a user has large amounts of data that they need quickly backed up.

Server backup

Many businesses require backups of servers and the special databases that run on them, such as groupware, SQL, and directory services.


Keeps multiple past versions of files to allow for rollback to or restoration from a specific point in time.

As you can see, an automated offsite backup solution entails a number of features which are scalable and ideal for your business or personal files.

How secure is your data? It’s high time you find out and do something about it.


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