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How PowerTel Engages Customers In The Age Of Self-Service


How PowerTel Engages Customers In The Age Of Self-Service

Not long ago, consumers were amazed if they were required to complete a task themselves rather than being provided with the white glove treatment. Now, PowerTel has pour dollars into improving technology towards consumer “DIY” when it comes to support issues.

Self-service technology has become so familiar that consumers no longer think of it as novel. It’s become a given. You probably think this way yourself without realizing it.Self-service can be a powerful tool.

When you need cash, pull up to an ATM, and see an “out of service” sign, what’s your first reaction? If your answer is “inconvenienced,” “frustrated,” or “disappointed,” it’s safe to say this particular self-service option is one you’ve come to expect and rely on.

Through the self-service portal, PowerTel customers can purchase , reactive products, bills, call detail records and payment records.

Today’s customers have become more self-sufficient when it comes to seeking out answers to product inquiries or support issues. Since I started using the self-service portal I really visit PowerTel offices at Joina city. Self-service support, such as a support center (also known as a customer portal or self-service portal) have made it possible for customers to solve their support issues 24/7 instead of reaching out to a company directly.

The PowerTel Self Service has reduced the inquiries made of the administrator, after an allowance for a short-term spike in demand as members get used to the portal.

With the good intents of offering customers many paths to their answers, the service has opened up a Pandora’s Box of customer service. With so many options of how to connect, consumers tried whatever felt right at the moment and expected the channel they chose to lead them to the answer, right away.

When I encounters a problem with my PowerTel line, my first thought is no longer to pick-up the phone. Instead of speaking with a support representative, they now want to find the answers online themselves via an FAQ article, how-to video or a knowledge base.

It’s this kind of online behavior that has driven companies to implement self-service solutions.

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