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Telecash Wins Best Aggregator Award


Telecash Wins Best Aggregator Award

Telecel Zimbabwe’s mobile financial service platform, Telecash, has been awarded the Best Digital Financial Services Aggregator at the Agent banking and Digital Financial Services Awards held on Thursday this week.

The best aggregator award that Telecash won is in recognition of the mobile service’s promotion of interoperability in the mobile financial services sector. Telecel through Telecash is the only mobile network in Zimbabwe on the ZipIt and ZimSwitch platforms which allow Telecash users the ability to send and receive funds from all 13 local banks that are affiliated to the ZimSwitch platform out of the 15 local banks. The award also came with the consideration that Telecel Zimbabwe powers the most number of POS devices in the country.

Commenting on the award, Telecel’s Head of Mobile Financial Services, Violet Masunda noted that Telecel was deliberately focused on making banking services widely available across all financial institutions to improve the overall customer experience of their customers and the ease of doing business.

“Telecash’s focus on improving the ease of doing business and transacting is the key consideration in the development of our services. Telecash deserves the recognition it has received as it is the only mobile financial platform in Zimbabwe that has a ZimSwitch enabled debit card which can be used at point of sale devices for purchasing goods and making payments.

Furthermore, Telecash is the only mobile financial service that allows bank to wallet and wallet to bank transfers with all the 13 ZimSwitch ready banks. This makes us a leading banking aggregator and has opened up access to banking services of the previously unbanked,” said Masunda.

Telecash also offers bulk payment solutions, merchant facilities as well as bill payment services. The mobile platform also introduced the Telecash Debit Gold card which allows holders to swipe for goods and services.

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