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Car Boot Sales Taking Over Harare


Car Boot Sales Taking Over Harare

It is too early to say if the much-loved car boot sales will end very soon. If your house is full of unwanted jewellery, toys, and we could do with some extra cash, a car boot sale could be a great solution to your problems. In a matter of hours, you will have decluttered your house.

Techunzipped has learnt from reliable sources that the city fathers have allowed street selling. Harare has been seeing a mushrooming in the CBD and surrounding area.

What’s the Difference Between a Car Boot Sale and a Flea Market? A boot sale is when your items from the boot of your car. Unlike flea markets, which are usually populated by “professional” vendors selling clothes and collectibles, the idea behind a car boot sale is that ordinary people sell their good without having to pay huge rent fees.

Some TU readers may tremble at the thought of using a car boot to sell their goods. But it is much less time and effort than listing individual items on classified sites.

In the past three weeks, I have followed the fortunes of two car boot vendors. One works at Ximex Mall, where people sell clothes, books, albums, tools and cell phones. The other vendors’ sales at Southerton area. By combining their efforts they share the time and cost burden, make a modest profit and get rid of vast quantities of junk.

According to the two vendors renting out shops is a bit expensive and it would take most of their profits. On an average day, the gentlemen take home take around $50 -$80.My experts tell me that by the end of the day almost 60% will be sold.

According to Tendai (Ximex trader) said “one of the top sales are the top of range jeans, t-shirts and shoes. To make good sales, the best is to declutter, towards the end of the sale create an “everything must go” sign. If you wanted to make money and think you might do better selling some items elsewhere, put them to one side.”

“Just be prepared to have your head chopped off if you are too aggressive. Don’t be shy about bargaining either” he added.

Car boot sales are relatively unregulated. Sellers don’t charge or collect sales tax and things change hands in a rather informal fashion.

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