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We Are Excited To Announce That Techunzipped Has Rebranded!

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We Are Excited To Announce That Techunzipped Has Rebranded!

Techunzipped has been rebranded in a bid for the news organization to “become a better listener” and build up trust with its audience. The new logo marks the news site’s first major rebrand in its two-year history and comes alongside a website redesign. The project has been completed by in house designers.

The new logo has done away with the pill shaped blue and black previously seen and replaced it with a green and blue, TU, flat look. The Logo was designed by BigPix Studios.

The rebrand is in aid of building a stronger relationship with the site’s readers, “when trust in news is at a historic low, with the birth off fake news”, says Pardon Gatsi, the Editor of Techunzipped. It aims to target those who feel disempowered by current mistrust.
“So far, a number of our customers have already been able to experience and become familiar with the beta release, and the comments that we’re receiving are very, very positive. And it’s helping us every step of the way through the beta process,” added Mr. Gatsi.

According to the editor, it was our customer interactions that actually influenced the brand image more than anything. Fast forward to today: Techunzipped just announced and released a whole new brand for their current company, Techunzipped, which was founded two years ago.

The rebrand includes an updated home-page that summarizes top stories in technology news, a lead 3 “splash” image indicating the site’s most important news story of the day.

It also focuses more heavily on video and gallery images which will feature original content from the news site.
The rebrand comes as Techunzipped nails its colors to the mast with a new editorial mission. This includes providing “a platform that presents news in an inclusive and expansive manner,” according to one of the Beta testers. The new goal is to listen to the people and inform both sides.

Rebrands are notoriously difficult to get right, though, so what does the design community make of the new look?

When not expelling tech wisdom, Ngoni feeds on good stories that strike on all those emotional chords. He loves road trips, a good laugh, and interesting people.

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