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Ruzivo Smart Learning now has 150 000 Users… And Responsibility


Ruzivo Smart Learning now has 150 000 Users… And Responsibility

Tablets, laptops and digital learning are gradually being used to reach students with little or no access to education.

“Recently Ruzivo Smart Learning, Zimbabwe’s leading e-learning platform for primary and secondary students powered by Higherlife Foundation and Econet Wireless recently celebrated reaching over 150 000 users on the platform nationwide!” Ruzivo said in a statement about the company’s new milestone.

Zimbabwe Startups seem to be growing slower than in western countries.

Higherlife Foundation celebrated the milestone at Tangenhamo Primary School in Chitungwiza one of the schools that is benefiting highly from the blended approach that Ruzivo Smart Learning offers.

Launched in 2016, Ruzivo is changing the narrative on learning in Zimbabwe. Ruzivo’s growth the last year has been fuelled by its great relationship with schools and great learning material. The company has relentlessly optimized its website for cheap Android smartphones and zero rated connections via its parent company.

The company said it has been adding 8000 students every week, Ruzivo Smart Learning is allowing quality education to be more accessible to a larger group of students who ideally have no access across Zimbabwe. Learners in remote areas are now learning how to use computers and smart devices with Ruzivo allowing them to pit themselves against private school learners in Zimbabwe.

This is especially crucial in the country, the digitalisation of learning could be a means of accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals, such as ensuring access to primary school for all children.

This process is already evident in Zimbabwe, with over 50 000 primary-age children not attending school. Yet the country is overcoming challenges surrounding lack of internet access and electricity to become a major player in the e-learning space.

Zimbabwe’s approach to e-learning has to adapt to the local conditions such as coping with slow or expensive internet. Ruzivo believe in breaking down the barriers to Africa’s prosperity through education, thus at the centre of the Ruzivo Smart Learning platform is our desire to impact, transform and enhance the education and academic results of millions of learners across Zimbabwe by aligning all its content with the Zimbabwean curricula.

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