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Standard Chartered Goes Paperless Should Experiences Cost and Labor Savings


Standard Chartered Goes Paperless Should Experiences Cost and Labor Savings

It’s paperless day! Standard Chartered has been eager to adopt self-service transactions when it adds convenience and flexibility to their lives. The bank has told its customers to register on their digital platforms because all Real Time Gross Settlements (RTGS) and Telegraphic Transfer (TT) instructions will no longer be accepted as from August 31, 2017.

What consumers have been reluctant to do, however, is the switch to paperless statements.

In Today’s world, we don’t need any big filing cabinets stuffed with paperwork, no cluttered mess of folders to organize, and we don’t have time search through stacks of paper to find the documents we need .we have everything we need available to us on both our computers and our iPhones at all times. Crazy, right?!

“Standard Chartered is going paperless as from 31 August 2017; RTGS and TT instructions will no longer be accepted in the branches. To avoid any inconvenience, please ensure that you register on our award-winning digital platforms and do your banking anytime, anywhere,” said in a statement.

The facility will allow Standard Chartered account holders to do things which they using to do like being checking balance, Zesa top-up, airtime buying and DStv subscriptions on the go.

It isn’t an overstatement to say that most people who pay bills and have bank accounts in the Zimbabwe will be seeing encouraging paperless banking and online bill pay a move which the RBZ has been pushing.

Banks save good money when customers opt to stop getting paper statements and other pieces of snail services like RTGS and TT, by Techunzipped estimates it can cost at least 35 cents to more than $2 per printed bank statement, but fewer individuals who bank online choose to go all the way and get their statements electronically.

Is there a risk involved in the bank going paperless to its customers? Release yourself from the insanity and embrace the new frontier. It’s 2017!

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