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Chipinge Births Inventor


Chipinge Births Inventor

For decades, Zimbabwe inventors have led the way in cultivating many of the innovative ideas that “fuelled” our economy and changed the world in countless ways. However, most investors have not had the support need to take their project afar. If our country is to regain its forefront of the Africa economy, we will need a long-term and dynamic strategy for fostering entrepreneurship in America. As young entrepreneurs, we have a unique insight into what our country’s plan should include, addressing the challenges we have already encountered and observed in our own entrepreneurial careers.

And millennials, the much-proclaimed entrepreneurial generation, should be the focal point.

All of that should be true. Unfortunately, it’s not.

As is the case of one young entrepreneur based in Chipinge who is showing great promise in the electronic field

Donald Mlambo Maziwati is a 24-year-old who has a vast interest in electronic engineering. Donald’s love for engineering started when he was 10 years old.

Mr. Maziwati says that if he receives the necessary support his amplifier production business can take off.

Donald has since shifted focus to developing electronic circuit boards using wood and television parts. He has developed amplifiers that are strong and have astonishing sound output using savage material which he finds around.

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in the Zimbabwean economy, in fact, SMEs currently employ more than two-third of the working age population. To ward off economic stagnation, it’s up to a nation of innovative thinkers and small business owners to take steps that provide paths of upward mobility.

The most obvious way an entrepreneur can aid the economy is through expanding his or her workforce, which is Donald biggest dream. Although hiring employees can seem like an unnecessary expense for entrepreneurs who think they can go it alone, the truth is that having others on board allows for collaboration that can more than double your creative output.

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