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Elevate To Create 25 000 New Jobs


Elevate To Create 25 000 New Jobs

Customer acquisition and retention are two of the biggest challenges faced by any company. This challenge gets magnified when you’re in the business of e-commerce and online retail. With margins often rather low, and competitors to make the going very tough, every company needs all the help it can get. That’s where Elevate comes in.

Talking specifically about the Elevate Virtual Agent Programme (EVAP), program manager Jonathan Neshana said the EVAP would create an opportunity for Elevate Club members to become virtual call center agents and earn up to $600 per month working from home.

Elevate is directly aimed at reducing costs and increasing productivity and flexibility with a strong focus on customer benefit. Elevate covers the entire service offerings of Econet and the company hopes to expand the service to other local companies. This means comprehensive support from tele-support.

The virtual call center agents will do outbound calling and acquiring new clients. By doing so, the agents will inadvertently be saving up on costs that might have been expensive for the company. The agents will be paid when they offer customer service and tech support from their laptop. And in the process, they will rank in about $0.84 cents per sale and $28 per day that translates to about $600 per month.

Outbound calls are calls made to clients to educate, upsell and market various products and services to customers. The thing about this type of marketing is that it is done by calling and sales tips are given over the phone.

Put simply, virtual call center agents are the sum total of relationships a customer has with Econet and is based on all interactions and thoughts the customer has about the Econet. Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to become loyal customers to the business, hence after an out bound call customers are asked to rate the agent out of 100% and if the agents get below 80% four times in a raw they will be asked to go through re-assessment. And if the agent fails to get rating ups after the re-assessments, he/she will be barred from making out. For all monthly assessments, you will be required to redeem 1000 points.

According to Econet, once an agent reaches six months of outbound calling, depending on rating and performance, they will be trained to start inbound training program. At this stage, the agents will be required to get 5000 points.

To apply for Elevate virtual call center agents follow the steps below.



Dial *771# & Register on Elevate for Free!


Start Earning Points! For Every $1 You Recharge You Get 100 Points!


Submit Your Application Here


Redeem 5,000 Points to Access the Online Training Programme


Complete the 3-Week Training Programme


Pass Test & Start Making Money

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