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Liquid Telecom: Now Is The Time To Migrate To Cloud?


Liquid Telecom: Now Is The Time To Migrate To Cloud?

Cloud service is a broad category that encompasses a lot of IT resources provided over the internet. It lets organisations have access to software as well as IT infrastructure without the burden of upgrading them.

Africa’s networks have slowly but surely become ready for cloud services. Liquid Telecom believes that the availability of faster and better network connections will uplift the adoption of cloud services in Africa.

According to liquid Telecom, local and global cloud providers are needed to give businesses their expertise as well as solutions tailored to the local market and walk with them on this cloud journey.

Liquid Telecom’s award winning Pan African Network is already assisting businesses so as to support the growth of cloud across the region.

Liquid Telecom trusts that Africa can be home to some of the most dynamic cloud markets in the world. Incentive is said to be growing for countries to adopt cloud sooner than later. Africa’s digital future could be arriving sooner than we think.

Microsoft has announced plans to deliver Microsoft Azure from data centres in Johannesburg and Capetown next year.

Francis Hook, regional research and consulting manager said: “We are now at a point whereby some customers are diving with both feet while some are dipping a toe in the water.”

From Hook’s statement it can be noted that there are some customers who are not in a position to fully embrace the cloud services.

This is probably because of the fact that the investments of the local are not visible.

Tullet argues that the realistic investments of the local service providers who are yet to discover what it’s like to face the aggressive giant multinational competitors are not being seen.

The main challenge in Africa is that there is the unavailability of necessary cloud related skills. That’s probably where the boat is missed.

Tullet is of the view that a lot of up skilling by local organisations is not visible.

One of the challenges facing startup in Africa today is the access to important infrastructure needed to push their ideas

Despite all these challenges, Africa’s digital transformation is gaining momentum and a trend is seen whereby businesses will be leapfrogging to the cloud


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