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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Users Cheesed Off With Its Unresponsive Behaviour


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Users Cheesed Off With Its Unresponsive Behaviour

Samsung galaxy note 8 users are not happy with the handset due to its unresponsive behavior. Users have reported that the latest galaxy has freezing issues.

A gadget that was launched a month ago is already letting down its valuable users. After the Galaxy Note 7 fires, the users were anticipating something better.

The Samsung users were hoping that the Note 8 will be far much better than the Note 7 whose camera lenses were shattering spontaneously. According to Sean (note 7 user), the camera glass had shattered like a miniature bullet hole. Chris Smith also noted that Note 7 had serious battery problems that caused overheating and explosions.

The users have been disappointed because they anticipated more from the Multinational Conglomerate Company.

According to the users the freezing issue was present on the galaxy note 8 since its launch. This unresponsive behaviour is said to be caused by applications which entail Messaging app, speed dial, Contacts app and Phone app. Also, the users highlighted that the Note 8 misbehaves when they are using chrome.

Users also mentioned that overnight charging of these handsets compels the Samsung galaxy note 8 to freeze

The solution to this problem is to forcefully restart the phone by holding the power button says Singh

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