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Frank Buyanga Uses Facebook To Empower People During Christmas


Frank Buyanga Uses Facebook To Empower People During Christmas

Entrepreneur and philanthropist, Frank Buyanga, surprised more than two hundred thousand social media followers on the day of goodwill by offering thousands of rands to a number of them.

Buyanga, who is listed as one of South Africa’s richest young entrepreneurs with a personal fortune estimated around US$20 million, he has over the years been supporting various corporate social responsibility programs and this latest gesture surprised many.

On Tuesday, Buyanga took to Facebook to announce his latest gesture.

“I and on behalf of my establishments and companies would like to plant a special seed to 100 people who have an available E-wallet (registered South African number – if you are foreign you can send the number of a trusted one) today. Kindly place your South African number below and instruction to send our seed will be affected. Please submit your full name/s,” Buyanga wrote.

Buyanga’s gesture of love during the festive people was welcomed by many of his Facebook followers.

Lesedi Amanda Thamaga thanked Buyanga saying: “This a great cause and am sure someone will wisely use your blessing to them and you too shall get more blessings in abundance.”

Another Buyanga Facebook follower, Fredy Hunnel Mashate also said: “A big thank you for the love you have shared and being true to your word. May our Lord and savior richly bless you”

More than 50 people confirmed receiving money in their E-wallets from the businessman on Wednesday and Thursday.

Explaining to his legion of Facebook followers of his gesture, Buyanga wrote: “As I was enjoying my Christmas holidays, I received a message from a dear friend and colleague updating me of her Dad’s burial. I was greatly saddened by the rift in our current situations and was immediately reminded that there is a season for everything under the sun for all of us. No day is the same and even though the festive season is meant for joy and laughter some have been shedding tears.”

Buyanga further explained: “God immediately told me to tell my friend that her tears will be the nutrients to her seed in the natural year of 2018. Her tears will water her seed and greatness will follow her. I want to spread that blessing to all those that shed tears in the natural year of 2017 (and tears gone by) and assure you that those will soon turn to tears of joy. Joy is coming to you in 2018. Your tears will be your seed and fertilizer.”

The businessman has a philanthropic face in Africa. In 2015 through the Hamilton Foundation, where he is the chairperson, donated R500 000 (about US$55 000) to 10 child-headed families in Alexandria and pledged to continue with the donations until the children were able to look after themselves. Buyanga was also helpful during the devastating Xenophobia attacks in South Africa, he assisted many migrants, from Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Malawi, after the attacks.

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