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Steward Bank Fails To Meet Cards Demand


Steward Bank Fails To Meet Cards Demand

A number of Steward Bank customers have experienced delays in receiving their corporate cards. Some customers have complained that they applied for their cards in October but as of yet, they have received them. A process which is supposed to take not more than 14 days. The issues pertaining to the Steward Bank Corporate Card have been a worrying trend.

Steward bank is aware that there are some Steward bank customers who have experienced delays in receiving their Corporate Cards.
According to Steward bank, this delay is as a result of challenges that their suppliers are currently facing in acquiring the material that is used for the production of cards.Zimbabwe’s foreign currency shortages that culminated in a cash crisis have been worsened.

The Marketing and Creativity Manager of Steward Bank, Theodora T. Mangwiza said: “The material is not available locally hence our suppliers have to source it from South Africa. This process requires foreign currency, which I am sure you are aware is currently in short supply in the country. The normal delivery timelines have been affected as a result, and in this case, resulting in the delay in delivery of your cards”

According to Mangwiza, Steward Bank is in the process of advising all the new applicants of the adjustments of delivery timelines based on the feedback they are receiving from suppliers.

Steward bank has also looked into the issue of cards being linked to the main corporate account and would like to assure all its customers that measures have been put in place to ensure that all cards are checked for compliance before being issued to customers.

Steward Bank sincerely apologizes for the inconvenience caused and they hope that the forex situation in the country will improve so that the Bank will be able to once again meet the delivery timelines that their customers have come to know and expect from Steward Bank.

Steward Bank recently launched the Globetrotter card.The Globetrotter card is a Visa card by Steward Bank. Which can be obtained by both Steward bank account holders and non-account holders.

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