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Uptake Of Cloud Application Is On The Rise In Zimbabwe


Uptake Of Cloud Application Is On The Rise In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean industries are more aware of cloud infrastructure and products, and the adoption of cloud solutions is on the increase compared to previous years. For the majority of companies, cloud computing has become a case of when not if.

Cloud computing has been a transformational force in the IT industry. Several of the most recent innovations driving growth and innovative business models are a product of the technology. For all these reasons and more, public cloud hosting in Zimbabwe and Africa large is a growing trend that is set to continue.

Zimbabwean customers are following the international trend to avoid having to maintain their own servers and IT infrastructure, which would otherwise negatively impact the bottom line. The cloud offers huge benefits to organizations and they are not in doubt, but business cannot ignore potential hurdles to realizing its value, it’s time we talked about the cloud.

Neil Padmore, CEO at Frampol Africa said Cloud computing will continue to grow at a rate of about 30-45% from what we saw in 2017, this is known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

“Frampol Africa expects to see an increased uptake of cloud services across Africa, we have noticed cloud adoption to become more and more popular. Costs of cloud services are expected to decrease as competition increases.” Neil Padmore said.

The benefits of cloud use have long been established, so the main trend for cloud storage in 2018 will see an increase in its use. More organizations are already using cloud and will increase their cloud storage capability, while more ‘cloud virgins’ will adopt the software than ever before, breaking the uncharted but opportunity-filled territory as they do.

The amount of data being processed by companies is growing dramatically and the cloud in all its form provides a harbor to store, communicate and utilize the increasingly vast amount of data being generated.

“Costs of cloud services are expected to decrease as competition increases. Amount of data stored on the cloud will continue to increase. Internet of Things IoT will continue to dominate the new internet connection space.” Padmore added.

Zimbabwe is among countries that do not have legislation on data residency but is mulling over how to handle public data.

All forecasts and trends indicate that the technology will continue to be adopted for the wide cross-section of needs it addresses and the advantages it renders to those that adopt it.

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