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Awesome Device, DripAssist Now In Zimbabwe

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Awesome Device, DripAssist Now In Zimbabwe

DripAssist is a fast accurate Infusion rate Monitor that easily clips onto any gravity drip set to continuously monitor flow rate and volume when administering IV medications.

Drip Assist is a low-cost, battery-powered infusion monitor that delivers IV fluids with precision to patients, eliminating the risk of fluid overload. Fluids administered too aggressively can be harmful to patients, especially young children and patients with conditions that predispose them to fluid overload.

DripAssist is the only FDA cleared infusion rate monitor that counts every drop with 99 percent accuracy without complexity or cost of a pump

The Drip makes it possible for clinicians to get accurate IV medication dosing. Clinicians need safe IV medication dosing everywhere from outpatient infusion clinics to hospitals in low resource areas.

According to Tapiwa Mutebuka, a trauma nurse at Trauma centre, the drip makes it feasible for patients to receive the medications they need especially in a low resource setting where maternal and surgical care is provided with limited resources.

This handheld device converts the number of drops falling from an IV fluid bag into accurate and actionable flow rate data displayed on an LCD screen. This intervention improves the accuracy and efficiency of patient hydration, which results in reduced workloads for healthcare workers. .DripAssist is crucial in reducing cost in outpatient infusion.

Mutebuka added that the Drip Assist has no Calibration or maintenance. According to Mr Mutebuka, it runs for 290 hrs on one AA battery and it works with most IV drip sets.

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