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Potraz Holds Its First Media Engagement Forum


Potraz Holds Its First Media Engagement Forum

Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) held its 2018 media engagement forum with all of Zimbabwe’s media houses present. Potraz highlighted that they are not going to run away from the media but they want to work as partners.

This engagement forum was a result of noticing a serious need for Potraz to work w media so that they have real facts about Potraz but abt everything.

Potraz has been facing challenges with technological advancements. Despite that, the regulator has successfully commissioned 83 community information centers and looking forward to building more across the country as the yr progresses.

According to Potraz, Universal Service Fund definition (USF) provides for network and ICT services to marginalized communities. More than 5000 people have been trained on basic ICT skills under USF.

Potraz said this media engagement forum unleashes a new era between the regulator and the media, a move that might spin zimbabwe’s ICT sector.

Potraz has noted that the postal and courier services is on its death bed but the regulator has already begun to strategize its survival through embracing E-commerce as the next booming trading ground.

E-learning platforms in rural areas are being funded using the universal service fund.

The fund rolled out an e-learning project covering 60 schools in rural areas.This project is meant to increase computer literacy.

The mandate of the USF is to push forward the transfer of appropriate technologies into the country in consultation with stakeholders.

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