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ZESA Workers Condemned On Twitter

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ZESA Workers Condemned On Twitter

ZESA employees are demanding a 75 percent pay increase and allowances for every permanent worker that will entail a 5 day holiday for six family members at any 3 star hotel and a full school fees payment for up to four of the employee’s children.

ZESA Holdings, which has around 7,000 employees owes its workers more than $100 million salaries accrued from the SI 50 of 2012, Collective Bargaining Agreement, which demanded the power utility to pay its workers according to seniority and qualification.

Zesa’s revenue fluctuates between $53 million and $59 million monthly.The lowest paid Zesa employee in grade A11 (a sweeper) is getting $940 (gross), while a junior engineer in grade D2 is getting $4 900.

“The union has put in a modest demand of 50 percent cost of living adjustment in order to cushion workers of the rising cost of living. The demonstration sort to warn ZESA that it should adjust employees’ salaries or face collective job action,” said general secretary of National Energy Workers Union of Zimbabwe Thomas Masvingwe.

Most people on twitter are against these demands as they feel Zesa must invest in better services not pay increase.



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