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Africom Announces New Blood Pressure Monitors, App


Africom Announces New Blood Pressure Monitors, App

Smartphones have clearly evolved and changed the way we get information. In this new era, a number of apps are now connected to medical health care and safety. One of the urgent tasks the ministry of health is tasked with is to reduce the death rate from cardiovascular diseases. After all, they are the cause for most deaths of our countrymen. In such a situation, timely diagnosis of heart diseases becomes the simplest way to avoid health problems in the future.

Africom has seen it fit to venture in the health sector by introducing an App that does just that. Africom Health has introduced ECG Dongle, which when connected to an Android-smartphone (or tablet). Most health apps are very easy to operate and can help in a case of emergency.

If you ever wondered about your heart health, you probably came across an ECG monitor and perhaps wondered how ECG testing or monitoring works.

ECG, is the abbreviation of the word electrocardiogram ,a heart test that tracks the electrical activity of your heart and records it on a moving paper or shows it as a moving line on a screen. An ECG scan is used to analyze the heart’s rhythm and detect irregularities and other cardiac issues that might lead to serious health problems such as a stroke or heart attack.

Rewind back to 100 years ago, when the first ECG’s were invented, they were huge machines, took up considerable space and often required patients to submerge their limbs in jars of salt solution.

Typically, patients with chronic heart conditions can only get a couple heart checkups a year. Africom aims not just for an affordable device, but affordable proactive monitoring.

The miniature device is for rapid monitoring of the condition of the cardiovascular system and it captures data on heart work corresponding 6 standard. The device connect to your body by four electrodes that are “easy to place on your own body.”

When using an android phone the device with a standard OTG-cable, and on iOS device (up to 9) with a special adapter.

Countries across the world are struggling to improve health care and these connected devices provides a timely and cost-effective response to this critical imperative. Moreover, recent developments in sensor, internet, cloud, mobility and big data technologies have led to affordable medical devices and connected health programs, vastly increasing the potential of IoT enabled medical devices to influence further changes.

Now you can follow your health without breaking the habitual rhythm of your life by going to the doctor at a local clinic. We will do a full review tomorrow once we get our hand on the device.

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