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Netone Reduces OneMoney Transactions Fees


Netone Reduces OneMoney Transactions Fees

Mobile telecommunications giant NetOne has introduced a promotion for its OneMoney customers, that will see customers enjoying discounts for purchases made through the platform.

Dubbed 8Time Promotion, the offering will see all NetOne subscribers being eligible for the discounts through transactions made using OneMoney.  A customer needs to buy at least $1 prepaid airtime to earn an immediate discount of 8% on the purchase and at least a $5 ZESA token to earn a 1,5% discount.

The promotion started on the 8th of February 2018 and runs until 30 of April 2018.  Postpaid or Contract subscribers registered on One Money, will be allowed to purchase airtime for their loved ones or associates on prepaid status whilst enjoying the 8% discount.

However, the discounts will not be awarded for airtime bundle purchases and are not transferable to another customer, with respect to airtime and ZESA tokens.

Over the past year, NetOne’s mobile money platform has been rising significantly.  According to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Potraz, it grew by a massive 281% in the third quarter of last year.

“Imagine this phenomenal growth came before we even officially relaunched the platform.  The extent to which OneMoney has been embraced by all sectors of Zimbabwe is beyond our expectation.  We are extremely confident that this is one package that is set to change the face of NetOne,” said the company’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Brian Mutandiro.

The commitment of One Money to financial inclusivity has seen the added convenience of a debit card that is enable on the Zimbabwe Shared Service (ZIMSWITCH) allowing registered customers to Zip money from other financial services onto the mobile account (mobile number). In addition, One Money allows customers to transact and check their balances from their mobile handset and has no monthly charges, in addition to low tariffs or transactions costs.

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