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NetOne Revamps Dollar-A-Day

NetOne Acting CEO Mr Brian Mutandiro


NetOne Revamps Dollar-A-Day

Mobile telecommunications giant NetOne has restructured the Dollar-A-Day and One-Fi bundle packages. Dollar-A-Day is one of their flagship brands in the market while One-Fi is a recent edition offering wireless connectivity.

The restructuring has already resulted in increased performance of the Facebook bundle. Subscribers are now able to play videos on the social media platform and this has been confirmed through various posts acknowledging the positive development.

The current economic environment and outlook has inspired and motivated Zimbabweans to embrace the “ease of doing business”, which can only be achieved by enhanced communication solutions. The restructured products will result in increased voice communication within the network and, affordable and accessible solutions for the techno savvy.

NetOne has kept the Dollar-A-Day package alive since 2012, as a result of significant contributions made to the growth of its subscriber base. The package mechanics are easy to interpret and understand with an attractive value proposition valid for 24 hours. It is for legacy reasons and sentiment that NetOne has decided to maintain the package however only on the $1 denomination. The rationale or impetus being continued access to voice calls within the network at the most affordable rate.

Dollar-A-Day now offers 20minutes OnNet calls and 20 SMSes valid for 24 hours and 2 hours OnNet calls between 2159hrs and 2359hrs on the day of recharge. The removal of OffNet calls, data and sms was reached after a study of the demographic or segment which is predominantly focused on calls within the network. This is seen as a bold step by NetOne to reward loyal subscribers and promote ARPU (Average Revenue Per User), whilst streamlining the product to aspects on demand, that is voice calls.

One–Fi is a wireless modem from NetOne that provides seamless connectivity and affordable internet connectivity to Zimbabweans from all walks of life, regardless of geographical location. The product fits in well with the NetOne Vision “To transform and develop communities through communication solutions”. One – Fi allows the user to connect up to 32 devices in the comfort of their homes, office or small business promoting communication, delivered with an edge.

The new One–Fi package has removed the OnNet calls upon realization that primary use of subscribers is predominantly for data only.  The validity period for the $9 One–Fi has been reduced to 7 days with 4GB pure data. The $19 One–Fi is now valid for 14 days with 10GB of pure data. The remainder of the One–Fi bundles are valid for 30 days with the $39 One – Fi accessing 25GB, the $59 One – Fi with 40Gb and the $99 One – Fi now offering 75GB worth of data.

Contacted for comment NetOne Acting CEO Mr Brian Mutandiro said: “The reduction in data offering and increased benefits of OnNet calls is a bold move by NetOne to improve service delivery by enhancing services for our subscribers and decongesting the network. The customers may take time to understand the strategic action taken to further improve their communication needs,”.

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