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Econet Harnesses Artificial Intelligence To Improve Customer Service


Econet Harnesses Artificial Intelligence To Improve Customer Service

Listed telecoms and tech giant Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (EWZ) has taken the lead in the use of AI (artificial intelligence) to manage its customer services support in a move set to significantly improve its customer experience.

AI is the automated use of technology and machines to perform routine and complex human tasks.

Econet last week launched ‘Bud-e’, a Chatbot – or computer software programmed to simulate human behaviour – which is designed to carry out some of its customer services support work, including assisting customers to install Internet and data settings on their devices, recover recharge keys from over-scratched recharge cards, reset EcoCash PIN requests, and carry out EcoCash transaction reversals, among other support functions.

Econet Chief Operating Officer (COO) Fayaz King

Speaking on the initiative, said the service would improve the overall customer experience of Econet’s growing customer base.

“The goal is to improve our customer experience,” said Mr King.

“So we are leveraging our digital communication platforms to deploy AI to improve our customer experience and create additional channels and convenience for customers to get their queries speedily resolved,” he said, adding that the Chatbot would provide instant and precise responses to assist customers with product and service issues via Econet’s Facebook Page.

“We are constantly innovating to improve our business processes and to optimize our existing assets and channels with the clear objective to improve both the quality of our products and to improve the customers’ overall experience”, Mr King said.

“As we take on more customers and offer more products and services, the need for agile and smart customer support tools will increase, as will our customers’ demand for faster and prompt support and service” said Mr King, the COO of the largest Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in the country by customer and value market share and by network coverage.

“The use of AI will, therefore, become an imperative and critical toolkit in our relentless efforts to meet and surpass our customers’ expectations,” he said, noting that AI-assisted customer support would be instant, fast and precise.

Econet, which has more than 10 million customers, has long been regarded as the most innovative MNO in the country, as evidenced by both its growth and the string of products and services it was first in bringing to the market.

Now considered the only truly TMT (telecom, media, and technology) player in Zimbabwe’s MNO space, Econet was first to launch true mobile broadband in the country in 2010 and the first to pioneer real mobile commerce by successfully launching its mobile money transfer service, EcoCash, in 2011.

With 100% 3G coverage in Zimbabwe, the company was also the first in 2013 to launch LTE, or high-speed mobile broadband – commonly referred to as 4G.

Mr King said the company would accelerate the use of AI in other spheres of the business to utilize customer feedback and improve customer service.

He said while familiar examples of current AI use were the Internet search technology used by the likes of search engine giant Google, or the intuitive voice-recognition ’personal assistant’ intelligence, used by Apple’s ‘Siri’, top global brands such as Starbucks and MasterCard were already using AI as an integral part of their end-to-end customer support strategies.

To use the Chatbot, customers should visit the Econet Facebook Page and simply send an Inbox Message. Thereafter the customer will be greeted by ‘Bud-e’ who will assist them with their queries.

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