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National Tickets Reveals New Agencies As It Shifts Business Model


National Tickets Reveals New Agencies As It Shifts Business Model

National Ticket has inaugurated its agency services around the country. The agents will be complementing National Tickets’ existing online booking service.

The business has been in Zimbabwe for over 3 years. Over the years they have continuously tried to redesign to align with the growing demand. National Tickets is calculating that the revenue upside would be worth the brand sacrifice that comes with agencies.

The earliest concept of the site was around people offering bus tickets from the comfort of their homes as an alternative to staying to buying them physically at the bus offices.


Business Development Manager at National Tickets, Macmillan Murebwa

To know more about this surprising growth strategy, I paid a visit to National Ticket headquarters in Harare and Business Development Manager, Macmillan Murebwa (MM) welcomed me.

Why do you pick the agency model?

MM: We believe in utilizing existing infrastructure and channels as such we believe that most of our partners (Agents) are part of a community and so we believe that by working together with them we work together to benefit their community and clientele.

What type of modeling do you want to do?

MM: We model our business to be intertwined with existing business models. Our research showed that there are many types of agents as such we have embraced the way long distance travel is ticketed in our country. We have 7 types of agents that spun from your street level agent (Mobile ticket sales agent) to your multiple store outlet. This ensures that tickets can be sold in advance in any location.

Why do you want to work with agencies?

MM: We believe that every location is unique it has its people and its shops that cater to all walks and manner of people.

What are your long-term goals with agency model?

MM: We plan to partner with those who wish to serve as much as we do and we believe that partnership with yield results. Our long term goal is to put a ticket in every traveler’s hand within minutes of needing to travel so that we do not have too much hiking as this has its risks and disadvantages.

Who Are Some of the Agency’s Clients?

MM: We have Total Service Stations (Samora Machel), Talk City (Joina, Greendale and Chitungwiza), We have a branch in Beightbridge operated by Teleplus communications and these you will soon see in every town. We are in the process of opening many more just lookout for the for the National Tickets Sign in your neighbourhood.

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