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Sage Evolution Module Helps Compliance With New Procurement Process


Sage Evolution Module Helps Compliance With New Procurement Process

With the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Act having come into effect in January, Chips Enterprise Solutions recently demonstrated to Sage Evolution software users how the Sage Evolution Advanced Procurement module can help them comply with the new Act.

The new Act saw the establishment of the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe in place of the previous State Procurement Board. The new Act envisages the use of electronic tools for procurement, including a public procurement website and statistical databases.

The key features of the Sage Evolution Advanced Procurement module in relation to the new Act were explained to Sage Evolution users at a workshop held at Cresta Hotel in Harare by Chips Enterprise Solutions, which represents Sage in Zimbabwe.

Sage pre-sales consultant Ian Lang explained how the Sage Evolution Advanced Procurement module can help companies comply with the new Act, which, he said, was clear on the roles and key areas of concern for public institutes in terms of procurement.

Key highlights that were demonstrated included the request for proposal or quotation processes, the authorization and approval processes involved, electronic evaluation of tenders and the controls involved, budgets and management in the buying process and one solution covering procurement and financials, as well as workflow and approvals via a website link or mobile device.

The Sage Evolution Advanced Procurement module is fully integrated with Sage Evolution. It addresses changes in the procurement process related to automation, structured departments procurement, a structured vetting system, evaluation of tenders and mandatory reporting.

Some of the main features of the module relevant to the new procurement process are the clearly defined roles for each person in the procurement cycle, clear-cut authorization processes, detailed procurement reporting, free and fair supplier vetting and the attaching of documentation such as tender documents and receipts.

The module can also be used to retain correspondence between the supplier and public entity for future reference and auditing.

Sage Evolution is a top of the range accounting software system used by many medium-sized and even large companies and other organizations in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

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