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Zanu PF Goes High Tech With New Membership Cards


Zanu PF Goes High Tech With New Membership Cards

Customers today expect faster response times, zero error rates and easy navigation. When these expectations are not met, negative reactions ensue. ZANU PF has gone digital with the introduction of new membership cards which can also be used as debit card at point of Sale and ATM if you can find one that’s working in Zimbabwe.

Speaking at the unveiling, Zanu PF Chairman for ZITF technical committee Retired Brigadier-General Levi Mayihlome said you can load money into the new cards and they could also be used for local financial transactions.

“We have a new membership card that we have introduced. This is an ATM or swipe card which is compatible and can be used for any transaction in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Zanu PF will now allow members to put money into their prepaid debit card for retail purchases. This product is focused on those consumers who may not have bank accounts and therefore, be shut out from financial services.

“You can load your money in there and is connected to our Zanu PF account so that members can put in their money.” the Retired Brigadier-General added.

For digital businesses or party wanting to make the most of their member/customers experience, the key is to understand ‘user demographics’ such as age, gender, location, type of devices, etc. – on a granular level. It’s these insights that will allow you to better steer development and release strategy decisions, and fine-tune experiences to ensure consumer loyalty.

The procedures required to join includes a joining fee of $2 and per month you can pay a dollar which is deducted automatically

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