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Preparatory Meeting For World Radio Communication Conference 2019 Now Underway

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Preparatory Meeting For World Radio Communication Conference 2019 Now Underway

Zimbabwe is currently hosting preparatory meeting for world radiocommunication conference in Victoria Falls. The next World Radio Communication Conference 2019 will take place in Egypt, the conference usually takes place once every three to four years on the continent.

The workshop was attended by delegates from the 193 member states of the ITU, in addition to representatives of international and regional organizations, manufacturers and many of those concerned with the agenda items of the WRC-2019. Several round-table meetings will be held with the participation of chairmen of groups concerned with the agenda items of WRC-2019, as well as the chairmen and representatives of the regional groups representing the member states of the ITU.

One of the main agendas will be the addition of mobile broadband frequencies as the regulator starts building up regulatory frameworks to intercept latest communication technologies such as 5th Generation (5G) and other embedded technologies in the Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Interesting comments from the current talks led to general agreement that the 32 ghz frequency be the future fail safe frequency to deploy 5G technology for the African market, ahead of global standardization and implementation.

It’s still not exactly known how much faster 5G will be than 4G, as much of the technology is still under development.

That being said, the networks should provide a significant upgrade to current download and upload speeds – with the GSMA proposing minimum download speeds of around 1GBps.

Most estimates expect the average speed of 5G networks to reach 10Gb/s, and some even think transfer rates could reach a whopping 800Gb/s.

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