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ICASA Identifies Sectors For Potential Market


ICASA Identifies Sectors For Potential Market

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is publishing findings from an inquiry to identify priority markets that may be prone to regulation in future. ICASA said it received eight submissions on the discussion document from interested stakeholders and conducted public hearings. It said wholesale fixed access, which includes wholesale supply of asymmetric broadband origination, fixed access services and relevant facilities will be prioritised, referring to last mile fixed network connectivity.

ICASA said priority will be given to upstream infrastructure markets incorporating national transmission services (national leased line services providing high-bandwidth connectivity between distant locations) and metropolitan connectivity (between local sites within high-density urban and sub-urban areas and metropolitan points of presence), and relevant facilities. It will also prioritise mobile services, which includes the retail market for mobile services and the wholesale supply of mobile network services, including relevant facilities.

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