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Africa Data Centre Association Unveiled In Zimbabwe


Africa Data Centre Association Unveiled In Zimbabwe

Africa Data Centre Association is a Trade Association for organizations in Africa and beyond, who affect and are affected by Data Centres growth, Internet of things and Digital Transformation.

The Africa Data Centre Association (ADA) was recently launched in Zimbabwe and some of organizations have already joined the association to decide the future of their organizations in this digital era.

Speaking on the launch ADA Chairman Dunny Derera said, “In spite of the importance of datacentres to the African economy, datacentres are still underexposed in the media, politics, governments and society. We believe the datacentre industry deserves a proper representation in these fields. That’s why we are launching the ADA – the trade association for datacentres in Africa.”

Businesses are adopting virtualisation because it allows them to run more workloads on the same amount of IT equipment. It also gives them an opportunity to lower expenses (by saving on new physical servers and infrastructure).

“The new association will provide the first organisational body for African operators, a valuable resource supporting industry best practice, an outstanding networking platform for the exchange of information and ideas,” he added.

As the digital economy is all about data, Africa will need to develop its own Data Center Network to ensure Data sovereignty, bandwidth and latency time, and bring back the IT Load across the continent.

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