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Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019


Cybersecurity Predictions For 2019

Security technology experts are viewing cyber defences with concern as a 2019 approaches. They predict that cyber-attacks and data breaches will continue to increase in both frequency and intensity, and organizations can expect more of the same in 2019. Card cloning in Zimbabwe will also be high in 2019.

Card Cloning Fraud Cases To Rise

About 154 cases of bank card cloning have been reported in the country so far in 2018, as more people use electronic payment systems in the absence of cash. In 2019 the cases of Card cloning will increase.

Cloud insecurity

Cloud insecurity grew in 2018 and, unfortunately, it will carry on growing even more in 2019. Increasing amounts of data are being deployed from disparate parts of organisations, with more and more of that data ending up unsecured.

Single factor passwords – the dark ages

As if we need the repetition, single-factor passwords are one of the simplest possible keys to the kingdom (helped by failure to manage network privileges once breached).  Simple passwords are the key tool for attack vectors, from novice hackers right the way up to nation-state players. And yet they still remain the go-to security protection for the majority of organisations, despite the low cost and ease of deployment of multi-factor authentication solutions. Sadly, password theft and password-based breaches will persist as a daily occurrence in 2019.


Ransomware, crypto mining, banking Trojans and  VPN filters are some of the key malware challenges that continue to threaten businesses and consumers. Live monitoring by Malwarebytes, Kaspersky and others, has shown that the mix of threats varies during the year, but the end result of malware threats will be a bad 2019.

Increasing sophistication will be seen in some areas such as ransomware, alongside new malware approaches and increased volumes of malware in other areas. Traditional AV will not provide sufficient protection.

IT systems bad housekeeping

“Shadow IT systems continue to proliferate, as do the number of applications and access points into systems, including legacy applications,” Kilpatrick says. “In the case of shadow IT systems, these are indefensible as they are, and in the case of increasing applications and access points, if they relate to old or abandoned applications, they are difficult to identify and defend. In both cases, these are an easy attack surface with significant oversight, internal politics and budget challenges, and were previously seen as a lower priority for resolution.

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