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Government To Create Computerised Fingerprint Database System For Criminal Records, Identity…


Government To Create Computerised Fingerprint Database System For Criminal Records, Identity…

It may be a crime that makes national headlines, or one that doesn’t even make the papers. But as investigators look for answers, they discover that the perpetrator shouldn’t be even in the streets, or shouldn’t have held that job, or shouldn’t have been out of jail to commit the crime in the first place.

The Zimbabwe Government has acquired an electronic machine to profile individuals’ finger prints as criminals, which will be used particularly for repeat offenders who were taking advantage of the absence of a computerised fingerprint database system to evade justice by giving false names in court.

Most of the time it Turns out it was a crime that could have been prevented, but wasn’t, because the suspect’s complete information didn’t show up in a background check.

A number of shameless criminals are evading justice by providing false information to police once arrested.

Fingerprints must be taken when a subject is arrested and charged with any of a number of felonies and misdemeanors. The fingerprints are held through the sentencing or other disposition of the case. If there is a conviction or the charges are dropped, the information with fingerprints is loaded into the database.

Seasoned criminals sometimes fabricate their ages while others give fabricated names to evade being linked to their previous crimes.

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