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Microsoft has a “huge problem” with bugs


Microsoft has a “huge problem” with bugs

Softpedia News editor Bogdan Popa has spoken out against how Microsoft manages critical bugs in its software.

In an editorial piece, Popa outlines how he tried to report bugs to Microsoft regarding their launcher software.

Using a series of tweets as evidence, Popa shows how Microsoft continually ignored his questions – forcing him to eventually remove Microsoft Launcher.

The issue in question was regarding the deletion of Popa’s Sticky Notes, which happened across devices thanks to their being synced.

“I know this is the risk of running beta software, but handling feedback so poorly not only creates more frustration among your testers, but could also leave critical issues unfixed,” said Popa.

Microsoft has recently suffered a string of issues with its latest Windows 10 update, with many users losing data due to its implementation.

A number of problems with the operating system have led to Microsoft promising to improve the quality of updates delivered to Windows 10.

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