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2018’s Most Asked Question of the Year — How To Make Love?

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2018’s Most Asked Question of the Year — How To Make Love?

Google has just published its annual Year in Search query statistics for 2018 and the biggest question of last year was “How To Make Love?”.How To Make Love is the question most ‘googled’ for in the question-asking category for 2018 in Zimbabwe.

Google being the top search engine in the world, with millions of searches per minute, is a massive indication that “making love” is reaching mainstream heights, at least as a topic of interest.

Apparently ‘ How To Make Love’ wasn’t the only romantic question Google users searched for in the Zimbabwe. ‘How to kiss’ was the second and “what is love” was the third question most-asked ‘How to …?’ question.

Asking what bitcoin is was questioned the most in Nigeria,Ghana, and South Africa. People also asked what Ethereum is and searched for information on Bitcoin forks as well in the related queries section. Other related topics include the “stock market,” “exchange-traded funds (ETF),” and cryptocurrency “debit cards.” As we can see from the states, Zimbabwe has different problem than the rest of other African nations.

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