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You Can Still Apply for 2019 Form 1 Places Via eMAP


You Can Still Apply for 2019 Form 1 Places Via eMAP

The eMAP platform has had its share of headaches and like most platforms which experience huge traffic once a year. The haphazard introduction of the system and the inconvenience that parents and pupils alike were subjected to shows an anomaly in this new eMAP system.

Pupils seeking Form One boarding places can still apply online using the Electronic Ministry’s Application Platform (eMAP) as the platform is still accepting application. The eMAP platform was opened for applications on 13 November 2018 to run to run until 12 January 2019.

The total number of Form 1 Boarding places available for the year 2019 was 24,246 and the potential number of applicants was 367,629. The ministry gave the following conditions:

No priority given to any school selected by the applicant (there is no first, second or third choice). This means that there is an equal chance for the applicant being selected at any of the schools they have applied to.

All applicants below the age of 13 should only use the platform under the guidance of their parent/guardian.

Enrolment by School Heads to only start when Grade 7 results are published by ZIMSEC

Successful applicants to be notified through SMS by the respective School Heads

Purchase of school uniform scan be done elsewhere, but with compliance to the school requirements and standard.

Here is how to apply on EMAP:

  • Visit the website here and create an account. You createan account using a link at the bottom of the page that says “If you do not havean account please Sign Up Here…”
  • Enter the centre and candidate number as well as date of birth using the pupils’ result slip
  • On the page that loads agree to the terms and conditions by checking “I Agree With The Terms And Condition.”
  • Next enter your Centre Number, Candidate Number and Date of Birth.
  • On that same page, click “Please confirm if you have been cleared by your former school”
  • Fill in the details required in this section, that is your mobile number and password of your choice
  • This will provide you with an account
  • You can then apply and select the schools that you want
  • Continuously you can check if you have been accepted at any of the schools that you selected.

You can access the Emap application here:

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