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Zimnat launches Automated Licence Machine


Zimnat launches Automated Licence Machine

Zimnat’s GeneInsure on Monday unveiled its Automated Licence Machine (ALM), which unlike its ATM banking counterpart, dispenses motor insurance and licensing documents rather than cash.

This is a first for insurance companies in Zimbabwe.The ALM was formally unveiled by Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Joel Biggie Matiza at a launch ceremony at a Harare hotel, after which there was a demonstration of how to use it.

After a person, using the keypad on the ALM, has entered his or her details and the vehicle details and selected the type of motor insurance and period of cover required, the ALM displays a quotation.

Payment can be made by means of mobile money or a Visa,Mastercard or ZimSwitch branded card, which can be inserted or swiped using the appropriate slot on the ALM.

The documents are pushed out through a slot, in the same way that cash is dispensed by a bank ATM. The ALM can issue vehicle and radio licences as well as the insurance cover note. It is possible, therefore,to obtain all three documents at once.

The ALM has a biometric fingerprint scanner. Once a person’s fingerprint has been saved, placing a finger on the scanner is sufficient next time the ALM is used to bring up his/her details.

Officially launching the ALM, Minister Matiza commended Zimnat for introducing this ground breaking technology, which he said would play an important role in every aspect of the road transport chain.

He said in terms of government’s long term goal of promoting prosperity and development for the whole country and its citizens,each ministry was tasked with promoting value chains in order to promote development.

He stressed the importance of vehicles being insured before they are licensed. He pointed out that many lives were being lost inroad accidents. Some people were driving around without valid licenses or insurance cover.

 “We are here to support Zimnat’s initiative to transform the vehicle insurance processes to benefit the motoring public and promote safety on our roads,” he said.

He said Zimnat had a proud history and strong heritage. He said his ministry was happy to work with companies like Zimnat that came up with unconventional yet efficient technology.

Zimnat group chief executive Mustafa Sachak said the launch of the ALM pointed to Zimnat’s strong digital technology.

“This launch comes on the back of the launch of our online portals and our chatbot just two weeks ago. We are on an aggressive technology and innovation drive that aims to give customers the best of service, ease and convenience,” he said.

“The ALM will introduce a new and unmatched level of convenience in transacting with Zimnat. 

“In today’s fast paced society, customers are no longer willing to wait in long queues for service. The definition of customer service the world over has evolved over time. 

“Historically great service meant a friendly, helpful experience.  With technological advances and a greater desire for time saving, customers now view efficient buying opportunities as integral to ‘wow’ customer service,” he said.

“Not only will wait times be eliminated and transacting times drastically shortened but our clients are now able to transact with us 24 hours every day, getting their documents produced immediately. 

“A lovely thing about this machine is that it’s eternally available.  It doesn’t have office hours, it doesn’t go on coffee breaks and it’s never in a bad mood.   Customers will now transact with us at their convenience, not ours. 

“They’re free to buy their insurance and licence on weekends, in the wee hours of the morning or at any other moment they suddenly remember their insurance is due, effortlessly for us, conveniently for them,” he said.

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