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Buses Brought Relief To Commuters

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Buses Brought Relief To Commuters

The move by the government to provide buses from locations around Harare to the CBD has brought about positive result to the residents who travels to and from work every day. This came about when the commuter omnibus operators started charging unreasonable fees to travellers blaming it all on the fuel shortages in the Country. 

In an interview, one man from Kuwadzana expressed his joy and happiness saying the move was fair and good for those travelling to town every day since they can now save on fares. “This move is very good for us who go to work, now I can only pay a dollar unlike those days when the kombi drivers used to make us pay $3 from Kuwadzana.

The commuter omnibuses were charging $5 from Chitungwisa and $3 from nearby locations such as Kuwadzana, Budiriro, Dzivarasekwa, Glenview and Glenorah.

 Due to the introduction of buses, commuter omnibus operators have now reduced their transport fares to $1.50 and $1 from nearby locations respectively. From Chitungwiza the fares are now going for $2 with buses and $2.50 with Commuter Omnibuses.

However Glenview1 residents are complaining that the bus services has not yet reached them and therefore they are being charged a $1.50 by the Commuter omnibus operators where’s their Kuwadzana counterparts are enjoying the $1 charge they are getting from buses.

Zimbabwe residents had for years enjoyed a 50cents commuter omnibus fares when operating local. The change was brought about by the increase and shortages of fuel around the Country.

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