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Driving Schools To Start Charging In Forex

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Driving Schools To Start Charging In Forex

Frustration is growing in Zimbabwe where an ongoing fuel shortage is causing massive disruption and blackouts.

The debilitating fuel shortages have now resulted in desperate calls from stressed business leaders who want authorities to allocate them special supplies to stop the country’s burning economy from imploding altogether.

This has forced Driving schools in Harare to start charging in USD. The fuel crisis has worsened since businesses and schools re-opened, following the end of the festive season break and some fuelling stations have started selling fuel in USD.

Speaking to a driver instructor he said driving schools were losing many precious hours of production due to the fuel shortages.

“Fuel shortages are affecting business badly … we are spending more time in fuel queues than at the work station and many hours are being lost.”

This week, many passengers have been struggling to get transport to and from work, as well as other destinations, as a result of the worsening fuel problems.

It is rumoured that from Monday 14 January, all service stations will be charging in USD or the equivalent in Bond notes hence diesel will be $1.12/litre or $3.59 bond notes and Petrol at $1,24/litre or $3,86.

The country requires between 120 million and 140 million litres of fuel every month, with diesel making up the bulk of fuel used by industry.

According to the government, Zimbabwe now requires on average US$100 million per month to cater for its fuel imports.

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