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Hackers Strike Khama And Are Demand US$10 000

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Hackers Strike Khama And Are Demand US$10 000

Social media accounts of a Zimbabwe’s international footballer, Khama Billiat has been hacked by individuals who are demanding $USD10 000 or they will publish sensitive photos and videos and use his accounts to attack Zimbabwe and South African leaders.  

Khama Billiate was subjected to a lasting shock yesterday as a result of frauds who hacked his Facebook and tweeter account. The fraudsters have also intimidate to use his accounts to offend the Zimbabwe Government  and South African leader President Cyril Ramaphosa, giving an impression that is extremely forward by  sending messages that causes harm.

Fraudsters have been sending    many threatening messages to Billiat, some of them were negatively describe him as well as warning him that they are going to create a scene in South Africa and Zimbabwe if he does not follow their demands.

More so, they were sending him messages threatening him, describing and warning him that they are going to create the biggest scandal in South Africa and Zimbabwe using his own accounts. However they left his Instagram account open for them to communicate.

Warriors’ team manager Wellington Mpandare, said to the Kaizer Chiefs’ star, that the ordeal has left Billiat badly shaken. “I have constantly been in touch with him since he alerted me of what happened at the weekend and I can tell you that it has been a terrible few days for him and his family because you don’t want to be targeted by such cyber criminals,” he added.

Billiat is believed to be the most paid footballer in South African Premiership following his join to Keizer Chiefs as a free agent last year. For now Khama made it clear that he is not going to follow the fraudsters’ demands.

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